Eco, Family, Pet friendly Auckland & Rotorua pest control

Eco, Family, Pet friendly Auckland & Rotorua pest control

Hornets & WaspsHornets

These predators can be very dangerous to Humans

Hornets and wasps are closely related sometimes called "yellow jackets". they construct nests by chewing wood into a papery construction pulp.

Our Biosecurity rapid response team will deal with the Wasps

In 2014 we setup our Biosecurity response team to deal with call outs of an urgent nature , initially in response to a fatality where bees had entered a work place, this team are called out by schools, daycares, Ministry of Primary Industries,City Councils and Industry where Bees and Wasps have become a risk to Human safety.

Although there are many home remedies you risk being stung and often home remedies don't kill the eggs and you end up with the same problem a few days later. We can eradicate these nasty little stingers with the use of commercial grade pesticides which will kill the eggs as well as all live wasps.