Eco, Family, Pet friendly Auckland & Rotorua pest control

Eco, Family, Pet friendly Auckland & Rotorua pest control


Bees are known for their role in pollination and for producing Honey and  Beeswax. Bee’s swarm in from Spring to early summer,  a swarm can number from a few hundred to the tens of thousands. At Metropest we offer an urgent wasp/bee control call out service where people are at risk. Now as much as bees need to be saved this is not always possible, where they are in the structure of a building the ongoing production of honey will mean damage to the building and in turn the risk of the beehive breaking through due to the weakening of materials such as gib board. This in turn means the sudden introduction of thousands of angry Bees.

Where possible we aim to remove Bees and work with the Bee Keepers Association to safely rehouse them.

Biosecurity rapid response team

Rapid response teamIn 2014 we setup our Biosecurity response team to deal with call outs of an urgent nature , initially in response to a fatality where bees had entered a work place, this team are called out by schools, daycares, Ministry of Primary Industries,City Councils and Industry where Bees and Wasps have become a risk to Human safety.


How to get rid of bees in your home

Unlike many other pests, bees are not so easy for the DIYer to handle. although bees are not normally agressive, when threatened they can be dangerous. Where it is at all possible we try and save be swarms and rehouse them with Beekeepers, however in some cases this is not possible and we need to exterminate them.