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Borer & borer control


Borer and Termites can infest your precious home and destroy it with the only signs being a few small holes in the woodwork, subfloor supports, Roof cavity timbers and framing timber. In severe cases parts of the structure can become unsafe, not to mention that when you go to sell untreated borer and termite damage no matter how small will greatly devalue your home.


How to get rid of borer in your home

This is one pest that you can't treat yourself. people tend to focus on the holes , thats not the damage thats the exit point where the Borer emerges to mate and lay more eggs, so yes you can spray the holes but this is very unlikely to solve anything. To stop Borer damage it takes two things A/ a full professional preventative treatment to protect from reinfestation and B/ time , because you may still get existing Borer emerging especially through varnished or painted surfaces. but it is all about protection.

To get rid of boreror Termites for a sustained period, and guard against re-infestations, a professional borer control regime, administered by a professional, is a must.

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