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The Hall of Shame - worst cases

RATS - worst case

One of the worst rat infestations we have ever seen was a case where a pest control company was employed to eradicate a small rodent infestation in the roof of a house. The person doing the job  was either inexperienced or cutting corners as a single bait station was laid with poison bait and no service call or return visit was done.

Rats - worst caseThe initial problem seemed to be solved as the home owner could no longer near the sounds of activity after a few nights, however within two weeks the noises were back and much worse. The home owner phoned Metropest , upon our arrival we found the roof space overrun with rats and they were starting to invade the living areas of the house to the extent that a baby living in the house had its toes bitten one night.The lesson here is that there is a right way and a wrong way to do the job, by not laying enough bait and in the right places there had been a short term reduction of numbers, Rats bread very quickly and often become extremely bold because of the pressure on food supplies due to large numbers.Some environments really need a rodent program where after the first treatment a rebait from monthly to three monthly may be needed to keep rodent numbers under control, especially where the property may be near such things as rural land, stables, factories or rubbish dumping areas like the rear of food outlets.

COCKROACHES - worst case

Most people think the cockroach only infests dirty properties but this is not the case, yes the worst infestations are usually within premises with  hygiene / cleaning issues or next to  one such as in an apartment building or next to commercial rubbish sites but it does not mean that clean and hygienic premises are free from the risk of cockroach’s.

Coackroaches - worst caseThere are several types of cockroach and as time goes by we are finding more and more cases of them surviving outside, treatment can be one of three types or a combination depending on the actual level of the problem. Spray application, Fogging and baiting.The worst cases require a combination of these and often a rebait visit, the old saying that where there is one cockroach there’s a thousand is not far from the mark, we regularly attend jobs where once the treatment is started cockroach’s appear from every crack and crevice, and cases like this need treating by a professional.

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