Eco, Family, Pet friendly Auckland & Rotorua pest control

Eco, Family, & Pet friendly Auckland & Rotorua pest control

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New Zealand can be a pest haven, which means calling a Pest Control specialist to have some sort of bug or rodent exterminated is a likely occurrence for many people.  Metro pest is a professional supplier of Domestic and commercial pest control With industry experience since 1981, Metro pest Control Services are experienced in what they do, and adhere to rigorous safety standards. This keeps them, and you  and your pets - safe, but the bugs and rodents gone!


Commercial & Industrial Pest Control

Commercial properties require thorough and frequent monitoring to ensure that the premises are pest free and comply with health and safety standards. Commercial pest infestations can cause health problems for staff and clients, plus serious economic loss through damaged stock, and lost production due to damage to infrastructure.

The first step of pest control is prevention, keeping the pests out of the site grounds and specifically out of production and storage areas, monitoring these areas on a regular bases and eradicating pests where needed.

At Metro Pest we can provide every type of Pest Management from traditional low tech methods to the most up to date electronic bait stations with sim card technology which allows fast reaction to rodent monitory and eradication, these units send data via the mobile phone network or sending alerts when the bait needs refilling and supplies data on Rodent activity, electronic fly control and non toxic Bird control systems to name a few.Prequal safety small

Commercial & Industrial Pest Control
Commercial & Industrial Pest Control
Food Industry Pest Control
Eco Friendly, Green Pest Control

Food industry pest control

Pests in food retail, processing and distribution facilities are not just nuisances; they can lead to significant product loss, regulatory action and a public relations nightmare. Every day we find ourselves under the gun to save time and money. Unfortunately, neglecting your pest and sanitation issues might not only spoil your products, but ruin your most valuable asset--your good name.

Proper pest management is a vital step in your ongoing food and beverage quality assurance process. An investment in professional pest management strategies yields several significant benefits, including effective food safety and quality assurance in the plant, reduced risk of product loss, and enhanced brand reputation and consumer satisfaction. Every dollar spent on quality pest prevention will, most likely, return additional dollars in reduced product loss. This fact quickly illustrates that managing pests is actually an investment and not expenditure.

With over 20 years' commercial pest control experience we understand the need for flexible custom pest control that suits your business. Metro Pest Control can provide the very latest in pest control technology.



Last year Metro Group added new technology to their arsenal which allows us to carryout disinfection of buildings and vehicles, this involves using fogging machines to apply a commercial quality disinfectant to all surfaces. This methiod allows interior and exterior areas to be sanitised to kill infectious bacteria and viruses.


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